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Congrats to Halina!!!

Gorgeous 2010 Bmw X3 3.0si !

img_87191Welcome to the Bmw world!!!! We wish you many years of happy and safe driving in your new used 2010 Bmw X3. With all the features that it has i’m sure the ones you will use the most are the heated steering and heated seats. Enjoy and happy driving.

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  • Halina| October 26, 2016 at 10:51 am Reply

    Big thanks to Cristian at Carpoint Edmonton ! Amazing customer service, I had the best experience buying my X3 BMW …. Love my new ride and couldn’t be more happier !!!:) Thank you Cristian you are the BEST !!!! Recommend Carpoint Edmonton to Everyone that’s looking for a imported vehicle to purchase ??

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